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Kid's stress

First, a bit of background.  My ex and I split in Sept 05.  It wasbad for everyone up to that point; after the separation, it's been healing everyone and taking care of my 2 boys.

My oldest is almost 7; my youngest is 4. 

My oldest, L, is a very sensitive kid - in any way you can take that.  He is aware of other's feelings, very self-aware, and sometimes his heart is just raw.  At those times, he often says he wants to live with his dad - usually after we've had a hard day because he's not feeling emotionally ok, and his behavior shows it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help him?  I don't want to be the mean mommy, and I try very hard to be loving and the disciplinarian all at the same time, but sometimes discipline wins, and nobody feels good after that.
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