Rinny (ravenous_enigma) wrote in diverse_mommies,

Formula Q

K, yesterday I started Jon on powder formula, as opposed to the ready feed we got from LLUMC.At times it seemed Jon would just eat the ready feed and still want more, however he would "graze", eat a lil here and there, sometimes taking an hour and a half to eat.. With the powder he's eating twice as much in one feeding and still gets up every hour it seems wanting more......so my question is: does powder formula do that? Where they will eat alot and seem to not be satisfied (so it seems) for longer periods of time (2 1/2 to 4 hours lie on ready feed if he were to eat that much.....he has but ir was once a day or two).

And the bubbles suck. Does that contribute at all?

I mean I had to stop using the preemie size bottles ( 2 oz and lower) to measure his food, now I gotta use my reg bottles cause we'd make a preemie one, he'd eat it all and want another right after. Plus it's easier to shake up in the bigger bottles.

BTW, I am not off on measurements of the water and powder either......in case that is asked as a factor.

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