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Lorelei is having her first sleep over; it's been all she could talk about ALL week. Every morning for the past 6 days she has said, "Mommy, is today when I have my sleep over party?". Every morning for the past 6 days I've had to break her little excited heart. But not today though, today I got to say, "YES! Today IS YOUR SLEEP OVER PARTY!" She then proceeded to dance for joy on her bed. She's become quite good at shaking her booty.
I love her.

She packed two backpacks full of crap for her outing. One has clothes, the other has toys. When I dropped her off at school she said, "I don't want you to pick me up today, I want katy's mom to pick me up."
I feel so important.

I wish I could say I was going to do something cool tonight, but I'm not. Brent will be in school till 9:30pm so I'll just be sitting at home all alone. Who will I watch cartoons with? Oh well...

Lorelei has actualy kept her room clean for the past week and a half. She's also made her bed every morning. I really don't know what to think but I know I'm proud as hell! I do know why she is doing it though. There is this my little pony princess thing she wants VERY badly. She thinks if she keeps her room clean I'll buy it for her... which I would if I had the extra $15 dollars to buy it with. I've explained to her that she will have to wait until I get some more money (which will be when i get my tax return) before I can buy it for her. She seemed to accept that and hasn't asked for it since. She has, however, made sure to keep her room clean.
I love her.

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