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squid flavored pea

My son is 18 today.
This is a copy of the email my daughter sent him. He's changing his name because he wants nothing what so ever to tie him to his father anymore. My children have nothing to do with him. I wish he was a different kind of man so that they didn't have to feel that way. But I can't make him see what he's done to his kids.

I have to admit, my children should fit into a few stero types, but they don't not really. They haven't had the best of childhoods. 6 years ago my ex kid napped them for 6 months, and they had no contact with anyone during that time. 2 years ago I was incarcerated for 4 months. Instead I have 3 very warm and caring individuals. My son is a strong, responsible man. My oldest daughter is headstrong to the point of stubborness. She's smart, she's dedicated, she is never going to settle for anything other than her personal best. My youngest daughter is funny, and caring. She's a nurturer, loyal. A little flaky, but she's only 15 and that's to be expected. I'm truly blessed with 3 great kids.

Oh brother. The big 18!!!! I bet your so happy. You are now finally free. Free to be on your own and no restrictions. It has to be the best feeling in the world. I'm so happy to have a brother like you. You have always gotten us through our tough times. You have always been strong, even if you seemed weak. You have been not only the best brother a sister could have but honestly like a father figure to me. I know you havent had much of you but I wish our father could have been more like you. I love you so much. And I know one day that when you get married you'll be the best husband a woman could have. I just want you to know how much I love you and that mine and yours relationship stays strong and doesnt end up like our mothers and kims. I'm gonna go. But I love you dearly never forget that. Honestly never settle for less than your personal best, I'm just now learning that myself. Have a great day changing your last name to "mom's maiden name". And I'll talk to you later.
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