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It's over!! Well at least the pregnancy is......

I have been in the hospital......ok that's not the good news. The good news is (as I mentioned when I intro'd myself, I believe I did, I was pregnant) Well...I'm officially NOT anymore. Here is the original post I posted with what happened leading up to those events, and such:

If you are a close friend, family member, or have access to my LJ you know the struggles I've had this past week, visiting maternity ward almost every night for something or another (I believe due to the heavy amount of stress.....and my pdoc not giving me anti-anxiety pills or anything to HELP with it....I was under, it slowly was manefesting physically causing a "decline in my pregnancy" as my OB said. He was most happy I listened to my body and got it taken care of). Friday, I went to see my OB and he ended up putting me on high blood pressure pills and bedrest. That day I was having issues breathing that only worsened as the night came. Mom and I went to ER a few hours before midnight on Friday (5/25). I had contractions while I was down there, but the doctor decided to admit my anyway to observe how I was...my o2 levels were low and my blood pressure was getting higher and higher. Coincidently, at around 1:45 that morning I had woke up cause the nurse came into switch my IV and while she was there my water broke (the contractions btw, had stopped in the meantime so it was sorta spontaneous and very shocking).

I was wheeled into OR at around 8AM Saturday morning and by 9:17AM my son was born. He was 34 weeks and 3 days gestation. (I was a week ahead of myself in calculations).

He had/had a heart murmur (his patenductous didn't close, which is common in preemies) and he had another issue but it's not as bad as they originally thought. All in all, he is doing well. He wasn't eating AS much when he got there (only 5mls). That doubled yesterday to 15, and today he's been eating 15-20mls a feeding. He also had jaundice but I just called and he was off the bililights.

All in all, he's doing very well. He hasn't needed oxygen at all while in NICU and I think needed it momentarily while here at RRH but has pretty much breathed on his own. His heart, even with the murmur is very strong.

Not sure how long he'll be in there but hopefully he'll come home soon.


I named him Jonathan Conor (originally it was gonna be Damien Conor)
he was 3 lbs and 16 1/8 inches long at birth

Jon's doin good so far. Daily it seems he does better and better. Tonight they said he almost gained 2 oz (in 1 day). It took him the weekend and beginning of the week to gain 3 oz so this is HUGE. His patenductous IS closing cause they can hardly hear the murmur. He was under bililights (for jaundice)but was off of them yesterday. His feeding tube (gavage tube, which is down the throat/nose, I imagine..though not sure since they didn't TELL me til tonight..but it's ok because if it'll help him and is in his best interest, that's fine) probably will be taken out tomorrow. They stopped giving him lipil (fatty stuff like in formula) in his IV and stopped the TBA (I think that's what it was) tonight, not sure if he's got anything else through IV or if he's off it yet or what. Um, so he's doing very well (Praise GOD!!)....think that's it for now....

So please please pray for us. I'm healing from my ceserean still (and blisters from the tape they used on me, which broke and now my fleshs literally RAW in those areas which are painful too.

And of course the continuance of Jonathan getting better and the hope he'll be home soon.

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Prayers from Missouri! <3