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So when Luna (my youngest daughter) was 3ish, she talked all the time about her imaginary friends. She had one in particular (Fu Fu) who was alternately a boy and girl and sometimes a girl that looked like a boy who Luna claimed to be romantically involved with. I loved it.

As she's gotten older (she'll be five in less than a month), her imaginary friends have faded (actually, she told me they died), and she has seemed too normal. Suddenly, girls wear dresses and boys kiss girls. Society was working its evil on her. I was just sure that she was going to be a lesbian, and, to tell you the truth, I've been a little disappointed with the normalcy. That might be weird of me, but whatever.

So, imagine my delight with this conversation we had on the way home from school yesterday:

Luna: When I grow up, I don't want to be a girl.

Me: No? You want to be a boy?

L: Yes. Mia's going to help me. I'm going to dress like a boy and look like a boy.

Me: So you don't want to wear pink and have pretty clothes and stuff? Why do you want to look like a boy? (All said in a very neutral tone of voice. There was no disapproval, I promise.)

L:No, I want to look like a boy so the girls will like me.

Me: You know, girls can like you if you look like a girl too.

L: But not all the girls will like me.

Me: Well, all the girls may not like you if you look like a boy either. But you do whatever you want. You know Mommy will be proud of you no matter what you do.

L: Except lie.

Me: Oh, well yes. Mommy will be proud of you as long as you are a good person. No matter what you look like.

Isn't this great? She's still not "normal"!
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