Rinny (ravenous_enigma) wrote in diverse_mommies,


Name: Erin

DOB: 6/3/1981

Interests: Theology, mythology, music (lots more stuff but my mind is mush right now)

Children's names and ages: Harley Quinn (age 4), Damien Conor (expected to be born June 27th)

Something interesting about you: I was diagnosed in 2000 with bipolar 1 (and a few other things) (ok not totally interesting), I am an exmormon

Something interesting about the way you are raising your child: To be open to diverse spiritual paths so she can choose what to do in that respect with as much knowledge and information instead of blindly following one path or another. My hope is she'll find peace in this process with any religion she chooses (or the lack thereof)

Any randomness we should know about: my daughter was named after the Batman comic character sidekick to Joker. (In short, I'm a nerd LOL)

Please post one picture of yourself & family: Obviously Damien isn't in it *winks*
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